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Creative Services

ALCHEMY MEDIA is a Los Angeles-based production company, video marketing, advertising, and media production studio. Fusing expertise in the art of filmmaking with an intuitive grasp on the digital world is what we do best. Our company tailors branded films and commercials with bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and exciting innovation.


ALCHEMY MEDIA is a full service marketing, advertising and media production agency. We focus on producing memorable visual experiences that convert viewers into customers with quality cinematic content optimized for use on the web, television and beyond. We understand that modern brands require not only innovation, but constant content production to stay competitive in the global market. We are able to provide turn-key services for all of your digital content needs. 


Founded in 2009, ALCHEMY MEDIA features creative content producers, marketing gurus and social media experts to provide a cohesive digital footprint experience. With a huge networking roster of creative professionals throughout California and around the country, ALCHEMY MEDIA is equipped for small and large-scale productions anywhere we might be needed. For more information on our services, please contact us for a free quote. 





















The first step in any video production at ALCHEMY MEDIA is to set the goal of the video. This can be many different things including; explain a company, show the benefits of a product, share a testimonial, get someone to click, teach someone something, make an announcement, etc. Here we also will discuss where the video is going to live; website, facebook ad, in-store display, trade show, etc.

Full service starts with pre-production. We do everything for your production from concepts, scripts, and mood boards to actor casting, location scouting and permits. Our producers always have your budget in mind and have the experience to create a production that fits your budget and accomplishes your goals. Our In-House Services include - 

  • Concept Creation                         

  • Script Writing

  • Budgets

  • Moodboards/ Storyboards

  • Casting + Releases

  • Sourcing Locations + Permits

  • Props and Wardrobe

  • Scheduling

  • Travel Booking and Coordination






















One of the unique things about ALCHEMY MEDIA is that we own all our own equipment. Most agencies have to rent cameras every time you film, and those costs are put on you. We own multiple camera packages, drones, audio gear, a full truck of lighting, grip and production equipment. We love what we do, so we invested into these cool toys and you benefit!

Videos spend a lot of time in post-production, and again we are full service when it comes to your editing and post needs. ALCHEMY MEDIA has editing, graphics, visual effects, 3D animations, color correction, audio mastering and even our own custom music scoring. We work very collaboratively with our clients reviewing cuts and drafts via, an online portal that can be viewed and commented on from PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

In-House Services

  • Editing (Adobe & Apple)

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Graphics and Titles

  • Visual Effects

  • 3D Animations

  • Explainer Animations

  • Color Correction

  • Audio Mastering

  • Custom Music Score

  • VR Stitching and Editing

  • Interactive Presentations




If you’re not already dedicating a healthy portion of your advertising and marketing budget to video marketing, you’re missing out on a dynamic tool with a very powerful impact. Video marketing isn’t just a growing medium for direct messaging, it’s a booming one. With 76% of marketers planning to increase their use of video marketing and 100 million Internet users watching online videos per day, that’s a market you can’t afford not to tap.

Alchemy Media's commercial and online content can be used to educate, inform, entertain and sell… and also to gather valuable feedback from your target audience. Even if you start video production small with a one-video-a-month strategy, you’re likely to reap the benefits of digital marketing in a matter of days. Seeing as how YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, a strong online video presence can also serve to get more people engaged and interested — and eventually purchasing what you offer. Research consistently shows that incorporating video marketing strategies produces higher engagement, click-throughs and conversion rates than any other consistent marketing strategy hands-down.

Our Process




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